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18 Jun

What do I charge for workers’ compensation treatment?

WorkCover WA publishes fees for medical and allied health treatments, and updates these in November each year. The fees are available at Read More »

27 May

Invoicing workers’ compensation patients

WorkCover WA often receives enquiries from general practitioners, specialists and medical practice staff about how to invoice workers’ compensation patients. Generally, a worker will pay their medic... Read More »

14 May

New occupational cancer e-learning module

In some Australian workplaces, employees are exposed to a diverse range of carcinogens at higher concentrations and for longer periods of time than the general public. It has been estimated that 3.6 m... Read More »

GP Video

Used with thanks to WorkSafe Victoria and the Transport Accident Commission.

Certificates of Capacity – guidance for doctors video

Find out about the Certificate of Capacity and the role of the medical practitioner.

Workers Guide

Resources for your patients

Publications to assist injured workers.


Certifying capacity for work

Resources available here.

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