Our certificates of capacity have been designed with GPs and patients in mind – they’re here to help you help your patient return to work. Below, you’ll find information about the latest versions of the certificates, which came into effect 1 July 2014, as well as useful downloads, including links to the certificate forms.

What are certificates of capacity, and why are they important?
Certificates of capacity support the principle that work helps recovery, which is underpinned by extensive research. They are designed to:

  • help you focus on what your patient can do to remain in, or return to, work
  • improve the flow of information that supports your patient’s recovery
  • enable you to share your assessment of your patient’s progress and ongoing needs, helping insurers make informed decisions about your patient’s claim for workers’ compensation.

In short, they are crucial to your patient’s return-to-work journey, so it’s vital that you complete the relevant certificates of capacity thoroughly, clearly and legibly.

Download the First Certificate of Capacity

Download the Progress Certificate of Capacity

Download the Final Certificate of Capacity

Certifying capacity for work

Rather than focusing on your patient’s limitations or what they can’t do, our certificates of capacity emphasise what they can do. Learn more about certifying capacity for work.

How to measure the effectiveness of treatment and interventions

Reviewing your patient’s progress is an important step in refining injury management plans and improving the recovery and return-to-work journey. And that’s what the Progress Certificate of Capacity is all about. Find out more about Applied resources for GPs.

How to address psychosocial concerns

Our Progress Certificate of Capacity gives you, and other medical practitioners who are involved in the recovery of your patient, the opportunity to identify any psychosocial factors that might adversely affect a worker’s recovery and return to work. Read more about addressing psychosocial concerns.

Why case conferences are so important

As a GP, you have a key role to play in case conferences – in fact they will probably be held at your practice. Read all about case conferences and their role in planning and supporting return to work programs, and discover how case conferences can expedite your patient’s return to work.

How to make referrals to workplace rehabilitation providers

If your patient’s return to work isn’t going to plan, or will be difficult due to the kind of injury, it is a good time to call in a workplace rehabilitation provider (WRP) – you can use our certificates of capacity to engage a WRP. Find out about referrals to workplace rehabilitation providers.

FAQs about certificates of capacity

Check out our FAQs for more information about how our certificates work.