Who can issue certificates of capacity?

You are only able to certify capacity for work using a certificate of capacity if you are a medical practitioner who is registered to practice by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Which certificate should you use?

First Certificate of Capacity

The First Certificate of Capacity (Form 3) must accompany a claim for workers’ compensation following a work-related injury. You should use this certificate when a worker first presents with their injury (this includes diseases).

You can also use this certificate when the injury is a reoccurrence of a pre-existing condition (whether compensable or not) when it appears that work has triggered or exacerbated the condition or injury.

Progress Certificate of Capacity

The Progress Certificate of Capacity (Form 4A) is used for all subsequent consultations between you and your patient regarding their work-related injury.

This certificate should be used while you are observing change in your patient’s recovery and return to work. This could mean changes in their symptoms, functional performance or participation in activities, including work.

Please note, a Progress Certificate of Capacity should not be used for your final consultation with your patient.

Final Certificate of Capacity

You issue the Final Certificate of Capacity (Form 4) when no further medical management is required. This certificate should only be issued when the injury has stabilised and further improvement in recovery is unlikely.

Where can you find the certificates?

You can access the certificates in a number of ways:

  1. You can download them here, on our site, as writeable PDFs (these are print-only versions – you are not able to save them once completed).
  2. You can request hard copies by using this publications order form and emailing publications@workcover.wa.gov.au (limit of 50 copies per certificate per order).
  3. You can get them via a number of general practice IT systems – there’s a list of relevant software providers below.
Software providers with access to our certificates of capacity

Our certificates of capacity are hosted on many IT systems used by GPs in WA, including:

Having trouble with your software?

If you are having trouble accessing certificates of capacity or completing these forms, we suggest that you:

  • contact your practice manager to report the issue to the software provider
  • contact the software provider’s helpline for assistance.

If you have questions or concerns about the functionality of these forms – such as the ability to complete them online, or auto-populate fields – please contact the relevant software provider.