The health and wellbeing benefits of work are clear, and a timely return to work for injured workers actively aids their recovery – take a look at the research and evidence. So, if you’re treating an injured worker, it’s important to talk to them about the health benefits of work. But what’s the best way to discuss it?

Check out these useful resources for GPs

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, in partnership with WorkSafe Victoria and the Transport Accident Commission, provides a range of resources designed to help you talk to your patients about the health benefits of work.

Download and share: Helpful patient handouts

It’s important to address the subject of returning to work as early as possible – ideally from your first consultation with your patient. There’s a lot for your patient to take on board, so download and share these handy brochures, which explain the recovery and health benefits of returning to work.

Download and display: Waiting room poster

Complement your handouts with this poster, designed for your waiting room.

Read the research and evidence that says work is good for health, wellbeing and recovery, or find out more about your role as a GP in helping your patients benefit from returning to work.