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Safe Work Month – ‘Staying focused on workplace health and safety’.

While it’s important to acknowledge and reflect on the wide-reaching impacts of COVID-19 on Australian businesses, employers and workers, WorkSafe and WorkCover WA wish to remind the Western Australian community, that the health and safety of Western Australian workplaces remains a priority, even during these unique times. When treating an…Read More »

What do I charge for workers’ compensation treatment?

WorkCover WA publishes fees for medical and allied health treatments, and updates these in November each year. The fees are available at If the medical service you provide to an injured worker is not covered by WorkCover WA’s fees, you should use the code in either the Australian Medical…Read More »

Invoicing workers’ compensation patients

WorkCover WA often receives enquiries from general practitioners, specialists and medical practice staff about how to invoice workers’ compensation patients. Generally, a worker will pay their medical invoice after a consultation or treatment, and be reimbursed by their employer’s insurance company if the claim has been accepted. However, you can…Read More »

New occupational cancer e-learning module

In some Australian workplaces, employees are exposed to a diverse range of carcinogens at higher concentrations and for longer periods of time than the general public. It has been estimated that 3.6 million Australians are exposed to at least one carcinogen at work and approximately 5000 cancers each year are…Read More »

WorkCover WA visits regional areas

WorkCover WA regularly visits regional areas to conduct compliance inspections and provide education to stakeholders, including general practitioners and practice managers. WorkCover WA welcomes the opportunity to meet with you on these regional visits to deliver information packs, discuss any issues you may be experiencing with regards to workers’ compensation,…Read More »

WorkCover WA Conference 2019

The highly anticipated WorkCover WA Conference will take place on 8 and 9 May 2019 at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth. This year’s Conference theme ‘Facing forward’ extends an injury management focus to broader themes relevant to workers’ compensation. The Conference program reflects the diverse nature of the scheme, with…Read More »

Resources for GPs

General practitioners play an important role in the workers’ compensation and injury management scheme by supporting an injured worker’s injury management, recovery and return to work.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

WorkCover WA is supporting a project to develop Clinical Practice Guidelines (the Guidelines) for diagnosing and managing work-related mental health conditions in general practice. The Guidelines are being developed by the Department of General Practice at Monash University using contemporary approaches and evidence. Once finalised, the Guidelines will be submitted…Read More »

Certificates of Capacity – guidance for doctors

General practitioners play an important role in supporting an injured worker to return to work. The key tool for communicating an injured worker’s progress to their employer and the insurer managing their workers’ compensation claim is the ‘Certificate of Capacity’. WorkCover WA’s latest educational video, ‘Certificates of Capacity: guidance for…Read More »

When patients need help in the workplace

Despite the best intentions, your patient’s return to work program may not always progress as expected. In these instances, you may feel that specialised support will help them to get back to work. Workplace rehabilitation providers (WRPs) are approved by WorkCover WA to operate within the Western Australian worker’s compensation…Read More »