Certificates of Capacity – guidance for doctors

General practitioners play an important role in supporting an injured worker to return to work. The key tool for communicating an injured worker’s progress to their employer and the insurer managing their workers’ compensation claim is the ‘Certificate of Capacity’.

WorkCover WA’s latest educational video, ‘Certificates of Capacity: guidance for doctors’ highlights the importance of the Certificate of Capacity and provides tips and tools for medical practitioners to effectively complete it. You can access the video here, or from the Quick Access panel on the homepage.

The video also details the role of the general practitioner in the return to work, as well as how they can support the injured worker and effectively communicate with parties.

WorkCover WA’s gpsupport website has downloadable Certificates of Capacity with accompanying explanatory notes.

If you have any queries about completing Certificates of Capacity or the role of the general practitioner, visit our ‘Certificates of Capacity’ page and WorkCover WA’s gpsupport website, or phone our Advisory line on 1300 794 744.

Page last updated: 17 October 2017 at 9:48 am