Recovering at work is the best medicine

Do you find it difficult to engage injured workers about the benefits of returning to work?

Feedback suggests you are not alone, with many General Practitioners indicating returning to work can be a sensitive subject to raise.

This sensitivity makes it vital to have the conversation at an early stage of an injured worker’s recovery. Research indicates long term absence from work can have an adverse impact on mental and physical health. Conversely, work has been found to be generally good for health and wellbeing. These benefits can encourage an injured worker to start thinking positively about their recovery.

Although returning to work can be an important step in an injured worker’s recovery, it is not always easy for both worker and employer. It is essential for GPs to actively engage with their patients as well as the employer about an early and safe return to duties. By directing the conversation to the health benefits of returning to work as soon as medically appropriate it can assist all parties to agree on a way forward that supports the worker.

WorkCover WA has compiled a number of useful resources to assist GPs to open a dialogue about recovering at work and why it is often the best medicine for injured workers.

Page last updated: 28 June 2016 at 10:04 am