Do you have a complaint? (image header)

WorkCover WA recognises that even in the best organisations, things can sometimes go wrong. If you have a complaint about a scheme participant (such as an insurer, self-insurer, registered agent, employer or workplace rehabilitation provider) in the Western Australian workers’ compensation and injury management scheme, we would like to hear your concerns.

Complaint handling limitations
  • Concerns and issues relating to the resolution of workers’ compensation disputes may only be dealt with via the Workers’ Compensation Conciliation Service.
  • WorkCover WA is unable to directly resolve complaints against scheme participants that relate to questionable professional conduct or behaviour, with the exception of registered agents and workplace rehabilitation providers. For example, matters of alleged misconduct relating to medical practitioners or lawyers should be referred to the Medical Board or the Legal Practice Board respectively. A list of complaint referral bodies are detailed at the bottom of the page.
  • Feedback on WorkCover WA delivered services or staff (e.g. a discourteous phone operator or inaccurate information on our website) can be referred to us via our Customer Feedback page.
To lodge a complaint

Step 1:

Think about and clearly define the issue/s of your complaint. It will assist to have all information relevant to the issue/s at hand when attempting to resolve the issue or explaining the complaint.

Step 2:

Before lodging a complaint, attempt to resolve the issue directly with the party. Each party has a process for resolving complaints. While you are welcome to escalate your complaint to us, often the quickest and easiest way to resolve the issue is to contact the party directly.

Step 3:

Explain the issue and one of our staff will investigate and wherever possible, resolve things straightaway. Often it just takes a quick chat to sort out the problem.

Step 4:

If we can’t solve your issue straightaway, we will collect all the information from you and keep you informed of our progress.

Your privacy
Personal information you provide in connection with your complaint will be handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws and will be used for the purpose of investigating your complaint.

In some cases, to fully investigate your complaint, and to ensure that the complaint is handled fairly, we may need to disclose your information to the person or body you may have complained about.

If your complaint needs to be referred to another organisation for investigation, we will notify you. If you do not provide your personal contact details we may not be able to fully investigate your complaint.

Misconduct complaint referrals