The Western Australian workers’ compensation scheme provides injured workers with compensation and helps them return to work. If you, as a GP, have a patient who is making a workers’ compensation claim, you have a key role to play in your patient’s injury management, recovery and return-to-work journey. But how does the scheme work?

What is the workers' compensation scheme?

The workers’ compensation scheme is a system to provide support and assistance to workers with work-related injuries and diseases. Your patient should be advised about workers’ compensation if they present with a work-related condition.

What does the scheme cover?

Your patient may be eligible to receive statutory benefits and reimbursement for a range of costs, including compensation to cover loss of earnings, medical expenses and workplace rehabilitation (to help them return to work).

How does the scheme and injury management process work?

Injured workers, employers and GPs contribute to the success of injury management. It is not a complicated process. Here is an overview of how it works:

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Who’s involved in the recovery and return-to-work process?

There are a number of parties and professionals with key roles to play in your patient’s recovery and return to work – as a GP, you’re at the heart of it all. Find out more about the various roles and responsibilities of different parties during the injury and recovery management process. Read more.

Learn about rates, fees and payments

At WorkCover WA, we set the fees for medical and allied health providers delivering approved treatment to injured workers. Learn about the rates and fees you can charge as a GP, including what you and your patient need to do if their claim is disputed. Read about it.

Got a question?

Check out our workers’ compensation FAQs, or visit the WorkCover WA website for more information about the scheme.