Part of our job at WorkCover WA is to set the fees for medical and allied health providers delivering approved treatment to injured workers. Below, you’ll find general information about rates, fees and payments, and you can find specific information about the rates and fees that apply to you – as a GP – on the main WorkCover WA website.

Where are rates, fees and payments published?

Rates, fees and payments are published through regulations, and amendments to these regulations are published in the Western Australian Government Gazette. You can access copies of these regulations and amendments from the State Law Publisher at 10 William Street, Perth 6000, or by calling (08) 6552 6000 or going to

About medical fees and rates

Our schedule of medical and allied health fees, which is indexed annually from 1 November, covers the services most commonly required by injured workers who access the workers’ compensation scheme.

What if your practice fees are higher than those on the schedule?

If your medical practice’s rates are higher than those specified on our fee schedule, your patient is responsible for paying the ‘gap’. You should highlight any ‘gap’ to your patient before their appointment.

What if your patient’s workers’ compensation claim is denied?

If your patient’s claim is denied, they are responsible for all prior and future treatment costs and should forward their accounts to Medicare and/or their private health fund for a rebate.

Learn more about the rates, fees and payments that apply to you as a GP.

Does our fee schedule cover time spent communicating with allied health providers, employers and insurers?

Yes. We want the best results for your patient, and the best outcomes are achieved when all parties involved in your patient’s recovery and return-to-work journey communicate and collaborate.

With this in mind, our fee schedule for medical practitioners covers the time you spend communicating with allied health providers, employers and insurers (for example, telephone conversations, offsite visits and case conferences).

Contacting approved insurers

As a GP treating an injured worker, you are likely to be contacted by your patient’s employers and their insurers to clarify information on certificates, discuss return to work programs and process payments for services. These relationships are vital to the progress of your patient’s recovery.

You’ll find a list of approved insurers on our main WorkCover WA website, providing the name and contact details of insurers approved to operate in this jurisdiction. If you’re contacting an insurer, simply ask for the claims officer responsible for your patient’s workers’ compensation claim and quote the relevant claim number.

More information about roles, responsibilities and rates

Read more about the roles and responsibilities of different parties involved in workers’ compensation claims, or check out our FAQs for answers to a host of common questions.